Today makes one week before the end of this year 2014 and the beginning of a new. As I look back and reflect on how my life has been on unfolding I pause to offer thanks and gratitude.

Gratitude for all the wonder, beauty, love, joy, peace and happiness that has brought me to this day.

Gratitude for life and the source of life that lives within me.

Gratitude for all those that have supported, encouraged and been a part of my journey.

Gratitude for knowing who I Am and what I Am.

Gratitude for health, strength and the life that flows within this mortal body.

Gratitude for all those that have crossed my path as teachers, healers and who have helped me on my path to awakening that which was asleep.

Gratitude for loving the woman that I Am and who I Am becoming.

Gratitude for those who chosen not to be a part of my life for they are still a part of that which I Am.

For gratitude is not just my attitude but is the way I have chosen to live my life. Everyday that I’ve had is a great gift and I cherish them even when I’m dealing with the contrast of life, the ebbs and flows that come with living.

I’ve found on my journey that learning to be happy on the journey, even during the periods of contrast, is the key to reaching my deepest desire. This is the key that opens the heart and clears the contrast from my path. Gratitude, love and thanks is how I know that I Am and know my spiritual essence. It is my knowing, experiencing and being in connection with the source of life. That which is the beginning and never ending.

Today I sit in such gratitude for all that I Am, for this incredible journey and for ALL those that have touched my life. Thank you.

To all the phenomenal women in my life, you know who you are, much love. Some of you have only resently stepped on into my path, others have been with me for some time but each of you are great teachers. To mom, keep reaching for your deepest desire, it’s right where you are. To each of you I desire that you always see and feel all the love that I have for you.

Until next time I say, see all the good in your life, it exists around you and pause each day to give gratitude and thanks for happiness and love is that which we are.




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