Inspired and Unstoppable

Today is the end this calendar year as designated but in the great universe time has never ended. There is only beginning and moving forward. There is no way to truly know how long our beautiful planet has been here, always evolving and changing just as I am. Today our calendar year marks the end of 2014.

So, I again pause to reflect and rejoice, give praise and thanks for this year.

I wish I could share all the wonderful things that have transpired for me and P over this past year but it would be a book instead of a brief blog. So I will share this, never give in and never give up. For we’re each born as inspired and unstoppable beings. We only have to realize who we truly are, seek that space within that is the reflection of all and there, there is where we see I Am.

The wonderful thing about these 50 years of life is its just begun. And P, well, she has only begun to scratch the surface of who she is but Wow!

Earlier this year things seemed to be completely unreveal all around me. Things with me and P, I finally released any possibility of mending an old relationship and all the financial crisis were baring down on me. Than one day I stopped spinning against myself, took a breath and said it’s time. I’m ready and I need a great shift to happen in my life. What happened was my path begin to unfold. It was time, time for us to move on and keep moving until we reached our destination.

On my journey there’s one thing that I knew. When I ask and truly say Yes things will begin to shift around, in and under me. I couldn’t fear. I needed to stay focused. So, I constantly said to myself, no time for fear. For I knew if I stopped for a second fear could easily gripp me so tight around by throat I’d stopped breathing. This was the point where I had to keep it moving. Little did I know what that meant.

It was time to release everything, everything from the life that was holding me still. Everything that wasn’t in alignment with who I was. Let it go, let it all go. Let everything go that I had been efforting to make work. Let go of the illusion of my life, family and relationships. It was time to step out of the delusion that this was my life and step into who I truly was. Wow and Yes was all I could say. It is my time and the time is now. So, I let go, got rid of all the stuff and we left with what we could fit in our car. Me, P and Jackie Hopper, the cat.

(Along the journey my beautiful daughter decided it was time for a name correction.  She said to me, this name doesn’t have any connection for me besides you. She felt to identity herself with a name and others who seemed to not except, appreciate or love her wasn’t right for her. She needed her own identity. So, I said go for it.  So now P was born and if you could only see the beautiful butterfly that has emerged. Wow, I couldn’t be more proud of how magnificently she is transforming. Blossoming into the person from within herself.)

We weren’t running away from anything but it was our time to go forth and create the life that was and had been our deepest desire. We were off together, a team, headed across the country. Everyday giving thanks for everyone and everything that had happened. All the people that we’d shared our life with. All those that loved and supported us and especially those that didn’t. Every night and every morning we pause to say thank you and scream with joy. We are inspired and unstoppable. We’re still keeping it moving, forwards we go. Even through the contrast, the ebbs and flows, the ups and downs we say thank you. Never giving into fear, keeping the vision alive and right in front of us. Hello 2015, good bye 2014 and thank you. Thank you for all the good that is happening in my life.

Until next time…

Peacefully unfolding,



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