Notice the Miracles

Miracles happen every day, stop and take notice.

There are some many day that I could just shout out loud, take off running down the street and swing my arms around like a person having some kind of fit. As a matter of fact right now I feel like this most day.

Have you ever had a moment when a simple yet honest thought/prayer manifested so fast that you had to step back and ask what just happened? Well the past year of my life has been full of moments like this.

I’m not saying that this is the first time in my life that a miracles has happened nor that over these brief 50 years of my life that God/Source hasn’t been an essential part of who I Am. What I’m attempting to share is; over these past 12 months I’ve been deliberate in my asking and have a greater understanding of who I Am. It suddenly occurred to me as I’m writing that I’m not sure if deliberate is the right word either because I know any time I Am seeking an answer I’m delibierate in my request.

I guess what I’m sharing is this, over the past year I’ve been deliberate in seeking true happiness and to stay in tune with my inner spirit, my connection to God/Source/Spirit, that in my asking a knowing is also occurring. I’m not saying that I know when or how the answer will manifest but I know it has already happened.

Now, if I were in your shoes right now I’d be thinking, if you’re in turn to this extent then you have all the answer to getting everything you ever desired and what is that answer? I would simply answer, yes. The how is to stay in happiness no matter what. Discover the vortex or get in turn with the happiness and love that is. As one of the great teacher’s Abraham-Hicks always says, we don’t want everything all at once. We don’t want every delicious meal, every dollar or everything that we every desired to manifest at one time. What would you do with it all? I couldn’t eat every delicious meal, place every dollar, drive every car or do everything in this moment. Besides the journey to happiness isn’t really about the destination, as I’ve said in previous blogs, its about learning to living in appreciation, thanks and gratitude right now; in this very moment. Because once we arrive at our destination, as the delightful humans that we are, we always want more. It’s been proven that our next thoughts would sound like this: I want more, how do I make this better, what’s next or if I could only….

So, on my journey I am learning that staying in gratitude on the journey is the key. I keep my vision alive by staying focused on the good happening right now. Don’t get me wrong, there is always a destination that I’m moving towards and yes there is the stuff, the comforts and pleasures desired; but this isn’t what holds my happiness. My joy and happiness isn’t in the stuff, the homes, cars and money etc… my happiness is a statement of how I chose to live every day. It is how I greet each day, how I chose to move through the contrast, the ebbs and flows and the ups and downs of life. It is the peace that surpasses all understanding and what keeps me grouded in God/Source/Spirit that is, I am that, I Am.

For me on my journey this is the key to noticing the miracles and being in place to receiving them. I realize that receiving a hug, the smell of flowers, a smile, the perfect parking space or a phone call (text) from that person; the one that always seems to know… these things have no less value than if I’d received the keys to my dream home, met THE ONE, hit the lottery or had all the money I desire suddenly manifest in my hands. The value isn’t measured by my eyes but by the my heart.

So today I say, notice all the miracles that are happening around, be deliberate in chosing how to live this life and always be in gratitude. This is the message I believe every great teacher, prophet, spiritual leader has been sharing with us. For love isn’t a feeling but who we are.

Until next time…

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



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