Time for change!

I started writing my blog to share my story of change and to hopefully help others. I call it, Finding my way Home. Today I want to share another portion of my journey to happiness and wholeness.

Recently I started listening to the 21 day meditation created by Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey. M, told me about this meditation a few years ago but now is the time. Things happen in our lives when we’re ready, open and available to receive them. It’s like the old saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Until the horse realizes that the water is the key to keeping it alive and makes an effort to drink the water, it, the water, serves no purpose for the horse. Now I’m ready to drink.

One of the things that happened for me as I listened to the meditation was how much respect I’ve gained for Oprah, the person. I don’t know her personally but I’ve been watching her from the sidelines for years. She’s done a great work and given so much to so many but I’ve always wondered who Oprah Winfrey truly was. The woman without the celebrity, the spiritual being, the person. Today as I sit here in Starbucks writing my blog my humble opinion would be, she is a woman much like myself on her journey. Seeking wholeness and freedom as she shares the things she has and is learning with the world.

The thing that brought this home for me and give me a new respect for the person, Oprah was when I heard her prayer on day 15 of the 21 day meditation. It was such a wow moment because her prayer paralleled mine. Hearing her prayer resonated through me as if it was me listening to myself read my deepest thoughts. My prayer has been the motivating factor that keeps me moving, never to stop seeking and knowing that my life is greater than myself. That my purpose here is more about making life better for others and in turn I’d create the greatest life for myself. I’ve held on to this prayer from as far back as I can remember. Now at 50 I feel that I’m only beginning to understand it.

I would say that one of the most important thing I’ve learned was I needed to heal myself. I had to take the steps to becoming happy and whole first. This isn’t a work that ever stops, working on myself. Every day I’ve got to put loving and focused attention there first. So, for the past few years this is what I’ve done. Now, I’m stronger, healthier, happier and more spiritually ground than I’ve ever been. It took me stripping away everything, down to nothing, completely naked of all the stuff and heading 3000 miles across country to step into wholeness. Today I have very little, honestly only what we have in our car but I’m writing and free. Spirit opened up in me and P. Opened up for me and P a love, joy and respect we didn’t have before. P is the greatest gift and teacher any mom could have. Thank you.

My Prayer

Use me God, show me how to apply all my gifts and talents to uplifting others. Use who I Am and everything that desire to become to light the way for someone so they can carry that light to others. I know that this life has purpose and meaning and that through me flows something great, greater than myself, greater than I can image, thank you for using me.

Until next time…

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



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