Power of the Mind ðŸ”‡


I am sitting in my favorite place (right now) Starbucks listening to one of my favorite teachers, Abraham-Hicks, enjoying the falling rain. Where I live there is little rain so it’s presence is always welcomed and celebrated, at least by me.

This is my moment of reflection. Reflecting on this day and how it is the best day ever. The sound of the rain falling, giving life and nourishment to everything, seem to drown out all that was happening. Even at Starbucks I am able to obtain silence within myself. There was such bliss that I began to overflow with joy at how amazing it is to be here, no matter how things appeal to be. Life is wonderful.

The gift of this day, the rain, has brought a renewal and replenished that which has been missed. We are the co-creators of this world by all that we bring forth into manifestation. Therefore, I say, love our world and treat our home with gentleness and gratitude. 

For me, learning to release my expectation of how I thought things should be, an allowing myself to see beyond, changed my life. Now, I am not saying that I don’t have goals or desires which are every present in my consciousness. What I’m expressing is learning to remain in the present. Because in all that is time (the great illusion in itself) there is only this moment, right now. All else is just evolving.

Today I want to share a few affirmations that have helped me along the way.

So, quiet the mind, go within and be the observer of all the good all around.

I live in a state of love.

I speak positive and uplifting words.

I am connected to the unlimited and abundant universe.

I release all images of myself that aren’t in alignment with my infinite and limitlessness.

As I give freely I also receive freely.

I am a success and I allow myself to feel successful. 

Until next time….

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



2 thoughts on “Power of the Mind ðŸ”‡

  1. Angela says:

    I so love the rain too. It feels so refreshing. I especially love to sit in my car in a park, and listen to the rain on the roof, and watch the rain on the leaves, and I just feel such peace and oneness with All 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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