This morning as I awaken to the sun shining on my face, I say thank you. Thank you for my journey and this life. For all the beautiful people that have come and gone. For for all those that have stepped on or cross my path. But most of all, I am thankful for being here, today. Freely and graciously open to all the good that my life contains.

There are many things that could consume me, if allowed them too. But I know, these things are just passing by as I am evolving, growing and renewing myself.  Because of this, today I say I am free..

Freedom doesn’t mean I’ve gotten all the materials wealth, acquired all the stuff, status, knowledge, relationships or ascended to some higher plane and live without any contrast. For me freedom means, no matter what, I know who I am. That I am not bound by the labels, conditions, thought or the ebbs and flows (contrast) of this life. That I am at peace within. At peace with who I am becoming and my journey getting here.

I had to going into that place within, that place where there is no definition of time, space or person. In this space I discovered being free. Unbound, not contained by anything. Where I discovered who is I AM. There are no borders, no labels to be, nothing to acquire because it all just is.

So I bring this freedom here, to this space and time, where I live and breath. I bring this freedom into my thoughts and desires, into each now moment and just breath in what is.

Yes, there are times that I look forward and backwards, only as a glimpse of… There are my dreams and desires, what if’s and could have been’s in this time and space, there are places where I want to be, things I desire to do. But within these projections, every thought and desire, my freedom has already come.

So I enjoy the journey. I find happiness along the way. For I’ve learned, life isn’t waiting to be happy once I reach the destination, it’s being happy on the way. It is knowing that where every I am, I AM. What every is happening, I AM and once I’ve reached that place, I AM. For, there’s always something else or somewhere else I’ll be wanting, so for me, I travel through this life know this, I am free.

Enjoy the journey because the destination is truly never achieved, life is all about the journey.

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



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