Stay in the moment


There are days that I could get catch up in the wave of emotions that attempt to flood my mind. Each of these emotional¬†thoughts¬†are fueled with tremendous power. On these days,¬†before¬†I’m fully awake, before I become fully awake in my body the mind has already started its rampage. It is attempting to take full control and direct my day.¬†The mind is wanting to direct through¬†its ego centered self.

It has taken some practice not to run go down this road. The road which¬†could¬†turn into¬†me making a rash decision because I’ve neglected to keep myself in the moment. There are times when I’ve felt like break out into tears. If ever I allowed this floodgate to open, because I stopped doing this great work and returned to looking at my life unfiltered by knowing, I’d probably not be able to stop the river of tears. Yes, there are times that my minds has me on the verge of throwing my hands in the air and scream I give up. The intensity could over throw every thing that I know to be true. So, I have to stop¬†the bombardment, the assault on my vibration.

This vibration, my energy field is not my ego. Not the mind and all that the mind efforts to protect itself from anything other than what it conjures up . It, the mind, ¬†has its own agenda and if I pay much attention to its purposing I could backtrack and find myself back in another box. So, I am learning to say in the moment. I’m practicing being in thanks and gratitude all the time and doing this with real joy and not out of a sense of obligation.

It’s interesting that just the other day a young man asked me, “how to I deal with angry thoughts or doubts?” Just as his last word fell from his lips I replied, you change the direction of you thinking. For me I change my direction by thinking of something that makes me happy and smile. Thoughts, general thoughts,¬†that generation within my joy. Keep it simply and keep doing it for as long as it takes to get the momentum moving downstream. Now, I can’t take credit for this wisdom, it was giving to me many years ago by M and most recently, I spent a great deal of time listening to Abraham-Hicks, Rev. Ike, Ralph Smart, Deepak Chopra and so on… Everyone of these great¬†teachers speak of how our thoughts are the manufacturer of our reality. We are the co-creators of our reality. Therefore, what we think, the things we dwell on are what create our reality.

Therefore, when my mind¬†ventures¬†toward the¬†rabbit hole, I have to recognize it first,¬†then stop the impulse to follow the thoughts of the mind and turn myself within.¬†What I’ve¬†been working on for some time¬†is this. As¬†my body is¬†waking up, coming back into¬†this conscious state from sleep, I immediately turn my mind to thanks and gratitude. Even¬†before I open my eyes I turn my¬†thoughts of happiness. In doing this I can maintain my vibration, stay in my vortex. So that by the time¬†I open my eyes giving thanks and gratitude has kept me moving downstream and not upstream against myself.

I can jump into the downstream momentum by appreciating the trees, the smell of flowers or simply give thanks for the breath in my lungs. Just being thankful that I am able to move with ease in my body and safely resting this nights. The key is to always keep these thoughts general. Keep them general, general and more general it is much easier to increase my propulsion in the right direction.

Once I am cruising in the right direction I turn to meditation. I take as much time available to me, but no less then 5 minutes to be still and quiet. (This stillness and quiet is quite different from the state of consciousness I was in upon waking.)  Practicing this everyday has helped me to redirect me towards, I AM. When I take time out of my day to be still and quiet I am giving time deliberate communion with source energy. We are never disconnected!

Just remember I said, recognize that my mind is the trailing off, falling out of alignment or running a muck and go into appreciation.

Here are a few that come to mind for me, right now. I appreciate know that everything is always working out for me. I appreciate being loved. I appreciate the flowers and all the beauty that they provide. I loving know that I am loved. I love being loved. I love cooking and preparing meals for friends and family. And as I continue to roll down this path, before I know it thoughts of appreciation just flowing.

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



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