“People with deep roots always flourish, no matter what happens. These roots represent faith.(belief, practice and conviction). By making your roots as thick and strong as possible, you will be able to absorb good fortune and cause not only yourselves but also your families and all your relatives to prosper forever”, this a quote, except that in the brackets, from Shin’ichi Yamamoto. He is the current leader of the SGI Nichiren Buddhism. 

What a wonder way to live this life. To reach the point that I can maintain happiness no matter what as I continue to deepen my roots so that I can withstand any storm, gracefully and fully. This is my quest, not only for myself but I pray this for everyone. That anyone that truly desires to live free and fully attains this bliss. For I truly believe this is why we each have come to experience this life but with this life we also each have the free will to chose. I have chosen to continuously see each moment as an opportunity to reaffirm my happiness as I grow in wisdom, truth and understand. As I continuously reach to shared what learn with those who are available to hear.

To become as the diamond, adamas, unconquerable and invincible. Adamas is the Greek word from which diamond comes. To become diamondlike, unmovable through any contrast that arises, able to withstand the pressure and emerge with brilliance and beauty. To be indestructible as I continue to evolve, refine and explore all that I am.

So, as I move closer to becoming diamondlike in conjunction with establishing deep roots I am growing into that which I am wanting to be. I am manifesting as my deepest desire. I know that as I become more refined and rooted I not only create prosperity and well being for myself but for the world around me.

This is the message I hear so clearly. Become that which you wish for oters to be. I have to be the mirror that reflects the love, strength and power that I desire other to achieve. To be a messenger of light, energy and love so that I effect the world in a positve and effect way. I will contine to deepen my roots and refine, polish and strengthen myself to become diamondlike, so that I am a help to others who wish to become their greatest and highest selves. This is how I achieve my deepest desire. This is how I move in my purpose and what propels me to continue to move with joy, happiness and peace during this and any period of contrast. “WInter always turns to spring, lay nun myoici.”

Until next time…

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



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