Life in the wobble

As we all know sometimes life presents us with a challenge or two to over come. I am learning to not see them as challenges but look as an opportunity for me to put into practice, real life practice, that which I am learning and practicing in my spiritual life. I’m not implying that my sailing through this wobble with complete ease but I will say I’m am truly learning the practice of living in thanks and gratitude. I’m learning to great each opportunity knowing that life is working things out for my highest and best good, which is always my morning and evening prayer.

So, over the past few weeks a few things that most would call essential life tools have temporarily been removed. The removels have caused much to slow down or completely stop. I’ve been unable to blog, communicate at well or do a few other things without the assistance or kindness of someone else. What an opportunity it has been for me to see that life goes on, even without these comforts, and that I am very blessed. Blessed just because and by so many. This is the real testimony of life and my spiritual practice; remain in an attitude of thanks and gratitude, even when life seems to be in a wobble.

I have experienced this over my life, that during periods of growth and development, I’ve had to stretch myself beyond what I’ve known as comfortable. This means that I can no long remain in my comfort zone but must be willing to except things that are occurring in the wobble with the same heart as when life is flowing smoothly. It has been said, “it is easy those that you love but the true test is to love those that don’t desire our love.” So when life is smooth it is very easy to be in thanks and gratitude, the true test of the heart comes when one is faced with circumstances that bring challenges and discomfort to remain that same heart.

Mostly recently I’ve been reading about the life and teachings of Buddha. It is written in insorr The Teachings of Buddha, “Blossoms come about because of a series of conditions that lead up their blossoming… So, everything has its coming forth and passing away; nothing can be independent without any change.” The Teachings of Buddha, page 42, 2.

I am like the blossom growing out through the shell of a seed. To break through the shell, grow and blossom into a beautiful flower there will be times when I will have to endure changing conditions. I most continue to push forward knowing that in the end I will be a strong flower beautiful flower.

To my readers and followers Sorry for disappearing, you’ve never left my mind. Thank you for your support, things will be back on track soon. I may miss a few days but any opportunity I get I will continue my story.

Until next time….

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



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