Finding my way!

Often there are times in life when I my feelings and emotions seem to over power what I know to be true. But over these past few years I’ve had to step completely out of the realm of feeling my way through life and trust completely on what I know to be truth. What I’ve learned is this, that knowledge means nothing unless it is used. I’m not talking about book knowledge, that has already been tried and tested over the years to be someone  else’s interpretation of what they believe in. It to is meaningless if not researched for myself to be truth and removed from just being useless head knowledge and put into practice. But the knowledge that I’m speaking of is that truth that we are each born with, but have somehow forgotten because of all the programming we’ve each gotten since birth. That not to say that the humane things that I was taught are useless. You know, not to still, lie, cheat, take advantage of someone, hurt others (with words or physically), except people for who they are and that each of us has a purpose. These are part of the universal truths in life. Beyond these beliefs there is a set of societal and cultural programming that has taken place.  What we should or should not believe in. Who we should or should not like and the best one of all is who should or should not live in this world with the ease and grace. That’s the one that has taken me so many years to wipe from my programming.

Why??? Why were we told that there’s only enough wealth in the world for a few and the rest of the world is not entitled to enjoy the best that this world has. Even today I look at all the beauty and examples of abundance, the stars in the sky, leaves on the trees, grass beneath our feet, flowers that bloom, the money that circulates around the world, gold, silver and all the precious stones. There is no lack only the thinking that there’s not enough. Some call it universal truth, Karma and or The Laws of the Universe, New Thought the list can go on. I seems to me that there have been some great teachers over centuries that have been trying to deprogram me, us from thinking that we are born here to suffer and dead without experiences the all that this life can offer. I am still a work in progress but what I can say for sure is this; I hold on to knowing that life is what we believe it to be. I change the way I speak about my life. No just rhetoric that you recite to convince yourself and secretly believe that life can’t change. You have to truly believe it from within, live it and most of all be grateful now. Yes, now! I’ve leaved that when I live in gratitude now and am happy now there’s nothing that can stop me from achieving the life I desire. It’s not a magic genie in a bottle or a clicking of the heads 3 times, although there were great examples of how we have everything we need within ourselves. It’s all about living in the moment and seeing all that I have to be thankful for. No, I’m not where I desire to be but everyday I see all that I have and am grateful for it. I changed my language and how I see and speak to myself. The treasure is always there as the one of my favorite books, The Alchemist teachers. The greatest question is this, do you believe it?

Until next time,

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding…



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