I saw something yesterday that just made my head spin. I don’t usually get caught in all the media stuff but as a mom and woman I had to step back and say what is going on with so many women. As a woman & mom in the public eye wearing what I would consider appropriately suited for the bedroom, to an event, just made my sad. It seems that over the past few years some have taken the limits of decency to a place that I would say is appalling and indecent. I love fashion but where does fashion stop. When is there a line drawn that says this is enough. The saddest thing was she was with her husband. I know the image of her caused me to question the integrity of them both. Parents and public figures who unfortunately tend to set stands for so many, those that follow without consciousness and without question. My question, when did we sink so low in consciousness to parade ourselves around in such a manner. Yes, we have the right as individuals to express ourselves and maybe I don’t have the right to question what anyone wears, than the bigger questions would be, when do you as an individual say enough, this is too far. I have more respect for myself that this. Well I just hope someday the switch will turn back on.
Until next time…
Peacefully and gracefully unfolding


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