The Conditioning

Today I was having a conversation with my mom who is teaching a visioning class in Baltimore.  We began to talk about how conditioned we are in our response to things in our life without of thinking of the result we will get from that conditioned response. Example, what would your response be if you looked into your wallet and there was no visible presence of money? Would you say that I am broke, I have no money or I can’t afford too? I would have said these exact words before I learned to change what I said. Yes, visually there may not be any cash in your wallet but are you broke? Is that the message that you want to declare for yourself? I can’t afford too? Again do you what to reinforce that message to your consciousness? Or would it be better to say, I always have anything I need or there is no lack in this world and therefore there is no lack in my life. It may seem far-fetched or sound like you are lying to yourself because clearly at that moment there appears to be a lack of cash in your wallet.

But let’s look at this from another angle. You look in your wallet and realized that there was no money but you decided to say change your response to the situation and say, although I can’t see the cash in my wallet right now I know that money is energy and I am energy therefore I have all the money that I need. Just from that statement alone you have changed your vibrational relationship in with how you perceive yourself and situation. You’ve changed your relationship with how you desire for money to flow in and throw your life. This doesn’t mean that we don’t continue to do the things that support us but from that statement a thought or vision could be born. The God spirit within us is always speaking to us, but we are usually unable to hear because of THE CONDITIONING, because of the programming. The poor stay poor and the rich get richer. These are only words that carry their own energy. All the chatter in our heads that tells us that we don’t have enough and never will. This is the language that we transfer into our reality every day by what we speak and believe about and for ourselves.


This verbiage can change. The language can be altered with a little consistent and diligent attention to what is said and thought. With only a few adjustments and instead of going upstream, we can flow with ease and grace downstream. By saying, I have all the money I need, money is always flowing into my life or as I circulate money, money circulates back to me, we alter how money comes to us.


I could give you at least 100 examples off the top of my head of how this has worked in my life. How did I do it, I simply changed my perception of a situation that would have scared the average person into throwing their hands in the air and run away screaming. Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like the earth had just opened up and swallowed you? Everything appeared to have bottomed out, for lack of a better word. In that very situation, I gave away everything I had. This is how I knew that it was divine.

At the very moment that my life was changing, a stranger to me was presented with his 3 girls. They were dropped off at his door with no warning. I’m not sure what happened and it wasn’t important, all I knew was the mother lost custody. He lived in a 1 bedroom apartment and was indeed a bachelor. He ate out every night and had very little in his apartment. I had enough staff in my apartment to supply a gourmet chef’s kitchen, sheets and towels and things for his girl and furniture for the bedrooms for all the girls. It was done. Anything else was given away to friends and Goodwill. We took what could fit in our car and headed to CA. 3000 plus miles away from our home. I just know that was where I was supposed to go. If you had asked me about living in CA I would have responded never. I guess it’s true. Never say never. LOL. Neither of us know anyone in Cali and only had a destination. We were going to give until we got to the ocean. This began the most incredible journey that I have decided I should share with the world. So hang on I will need to tell in several issues because it’s too much to put in my blog….


So hold on to hats you about to go on an amazing ride. My life…

Until next time,

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,



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