Deborah Zeta – Re-Dedicating Ourselves to the Light Activates Limitless Potentials – Celestial Visions – 1-20-15

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We stand at a threshold beyond anything we have yet experienced in the course of our journey. This is a profound time of new beginnings unparalleled by anything yet experienced on the earth plane. The energies of this period are asking us to join together to incubate a new and expanded future aligned with the frequencies of the New Earth.


Individually we have followed our internal GPS to many moments of awakening, some small, some large. These moments are becoming more frequent as we awaken to a greater vision of our limitless potentials. This deeper awakening naturally moves us beyond limited identities and allows us to forge new, expanded identities that bring a greater experience of the New Earth.


We have always held the frequencies of the New Earth within us. Our destiny…

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This morning as I awaken to the sun shining on my face, I say thank you. Thank you for my journey and this life. For all the beautiful people that have come and gone. For for all those that have stepped on or cross my path. But most of all, I am thankful for being here, today. Freely and graciously open to all the good that my life contains.

There are many things that could consume me, if allowed them too. But I know, these things are just passing by as I am evolving, growing and renewing myself.  Because of this, today I say I am free..

Freedom doesn’t mean I’ve gotten all the materials wealth, acquired all the stuff, status, knowledge, relationships or ascended to some higher plane and live without any contrast. For me freedom means, no matter what, I know who I am. That I am not bound by the labels, conditions, thought or the ebbs and flows (contrast) of this life. That I am at peace within. At peace with who I am becoming and my journey getting here.

I had to going into that place within, that place where there is no definition of time, space or person. In this space I discovered being free. Unbound, not contained by anything. Where I discovered who is I AM. There are no borders, no labels to be, nothing to acquire because it all just is.

So I bring this freedom here, to this space and time, where I live and breath. I bring this freedom into my thoughts and desires, into each now moment and just breath in what is.

Yes, there are times that I look forward and backwards, only as a glimpse of… There are my dreams and desires, what if’s and could have been’s in this time and space, there are places where I want to be, things I desire to do. But within these projections, every thought and desire, my freedom has already come.

So I enjoy the journey. I find happiness along the way. For I’ve learned, life isn’t waiting to be happy once I reach the destination, it’s being happy on the way. It is knowing that where every I am, I AM. What every is happening, I AM and once I’ve reached that place, I AM. For, there’s always something else or somewhere else I’ll be wanting, so for me, I travel through this life know this, I am free.

Enjoy the journey because the destination is truly never achieved, life is all about the journey.

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,


Stay in the moment


There are days that I could get catch up in the wave of emotions that attempt to flood my mind. Each of these emotional thoughts are fueled with tremendous power. On these days, before I’m fully awake, before I become fully awake in my body the mind has already started its rampage. It is attempting to take full control and direct my day. The mind is wanting to direct through its ego centered self.

It has taken some practice not to run go down this road. The road which could turn into me making a rash decision because I’ve neglected to keep myself in the moment. There are times when I’ve felt like break out into tears. If ever I allowed this floodgate to open, because I stopped doing this great work and returned to looking at my life unfiltered by knowing, I’d probably not be able to stop the river of tears. Yes, there are times that my minds has me on the verge of throwing my hands in the air and scream I give up. The intensity could over throw every thing that I know to be true. So, I have to stop the bombardment, the assault on my vibration.

This vibration, my energy field is not my ego. Not the mind and all that the mind efforts to protect itself from anything other than what it conjures up . It, the mind,  has its own agenda and if I pay much attention to its purposing I could backtrack and find myself back in another box. So, I am learning to say in the moment. I’m practicing being in thanks and gratitude all the time and doing this with real joy and not out of a sense of obligation.

It’s interesting that just the other day a young man asked me, “how to I deal with angry thoughts or doubts?” Just as his last word fell from his lips I replied, you change the direction of you thinking. For me I change my direction by thinking of something that makes me happy and smile. Thoughts, general thoughts, that generation within my joy. Keep it simply and keep doing it for as long as it takes to get the momentum moving downstream. Now, I can’t take credit for this wisdom, it was giving to me many years ago by M and most recently, I spent a great deal of time listening to Abraham-Hicks, Rev. Ike, Ralph Smart, Deepak Chopra and so on… Everyone of these great teachers speak of how our thoughts are the manufacturer of our reality. We are the co-creators of our reality. Therefore, what we think, the things we dwell on are what create our reality.

Therefore, when my mind ventures toward the rabbit hole, I have to recognize it first, then stop the impulse to follow the thoughts of the mind and turn myself within. What I’ve been working on for some time is this. As my body is waking up, coming back into this conscious state from sleep, I immediately turn my mind to thanks and gratitude. Even before I open my eyes I turn my thoughts of happiness. In doing this I can maintain my vibration, stay in my vortex. So that by the time I open my eyes giving thanks and gratitude has kept me moving downstream and not upstream against myself.

I can jump into the downstream momentum by appreciating the trees, the smell of flowers or simply give thanks for the breath in my lungs. Just being thankful that I am able to move with ease in my body and safely resting this nights. The key is to always keep these thoughts general. Keep them general, general and more general it is much easier to increase my propulsion in the right direction.

Once I am cruising in the right direction I turn to meditation. I take as much time available to me, but no less then 5 minutes to be still and quiet. (This stillness and quiet is quite different from the state of consciousness I was in upon waking.)  Practicing this everyday has helped me to redirect me towards, I AM. When I take time out of my day to be still and quiet I am giving time deliberate communion with source energy. We are never disconnected!

Just remember I said, recognize that my mind is the trailing off, falling out of alignment or running a muck and go into appreciation.

Here are a few that come to mind for me, right now. I appreciate know that everything is always working out for me. I appreciate being loved. I appreciate the flowers and all the beauty that they provide. I loving know that I am loved. I love being loved. I love cooking and preparing meals for friends and family. And as I continue to roll down this path, before I know it thoughts of appreciation just flowing.

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,


Power of the Mind 🔇


I am sitting in my favorite place (right now) Starbucks listening to one of my favorite teachers, Abraham-Hicks, enjoying the falling rain. Where I live there is little rain so it’s presence is always welcomed and celebrated, at least by me.

This is my moment of reflection. Reflecting on this day and how it is the best day ever. The sound of the rain falling, giving life and nourishment to everything, seem to drown out all that was happening. Even at Starbucks I am able to obtain silence within myself. There was such bliss that I began to overflow with joy at how amazing it is to be here, no matter how things appeal to be. Life is wonderful.

The gift of this day, the rain, has brought a renewal and replenished that which has been missed. We are the co-creators of this world by all that we bring forth into manifestation. Therefore, I say, love our world and treat our home with gentleness and gratitude. 

For me, learning to release my expectation of how I thought things should be, an allowing myself to see beyond, changed my life. Now, I am not saying that I don’t have goals or desires which are every present in my consciousness. What I’m expressing is learning to remain in the present. Because in all that is time (the great illusion in itself) there is only this moment, right now. All else is just evolving.

Today I want to share a few affirmations that have helped me along the way.

So, quiet the mind, go within and be the observer of all the good all around.

I live in a state of love.

I speak positive and uplifting words.

I am connected to the unlimited and abundant universe.

I release all images of myself that aren’t in alignment with my infinite and limitlessness.

As I give freely I also receive freely.

I am a success and I allow myself to feel successful. 

Until next time….

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,


Asking the right question

I can say with absolute realness that today is the greatest day ever. What does having the greatest day ever mean? How do I become a manifestation of my deepest desire? These can sound like pretty heavy questions if I looked at them through the eyes and not who I am. They could cause an avalanche of negativity and lack responses to flowing through my consciousness and answer each of this significant yet relevant question with a bombardment of this and that. But I sit, stand and run around and shout that no matter what, today IS the greatest day ever.

I smile as I think of those who know and/or think they know the story that I am creating. I would say that most would shout, I really don’t see how she could believe what she is saying. Just LOOK at where she is and what she has, there is no way she could feel this way. And than there’s the few that get it.  They understand that in evolution there is destruction before the rebirth. Just as the oak tree seed is planted and the shell has to die and wither aways, so I had too. All of the stuff, the conditioning, the rhetoric, the untruths, the baggage and garbage had to be cleansed and a new, yet ancient and old way of perceiving living life was born. And in birth there is pain, pressure and release before life emerges, so I had too. I had to go within as that seed seeking nurturing, food, water and care in order to blossom.

There is time and space between inception and birth. How long the nurturing would take was solely decided by how I chose to make the journey. As all the great teachers have said throughout history, we are the creators of our own reality. And until the reality that I had surrounded myself became unbearable the seed lay dormant. I had to go beyond belief to knowing and abandon what I had ingested as who I was and step into who I AM. And while in the process reprogram the mind consciousness. It didn’t happen over night but it happened. And during the growing I needed to discover the right questions to ask and become still enough to hear. Growth required that I release fear and take the actions needed to change everything.

Since I was a very young child I ask, what is my purpose for being here? What is it that I am supposed to be doing? Who am I? I had the questions in the wrong order. I had to answer the 3rd question first. Which meant I had to know who I am, not by the standards of others but from within. I had to KNOW that I am greater than what I see in flesh and bones. That I came here for a reason, as we all have purpose, and that that purpose is greater than myself.

I’ve never been a selfish person and spent the majority of my life putting myself last because I was convinced that everyone else was more important than myself, while my insides were shouting you have something important that needs to be heard. Along my path many have appeared with this message to me; write, share and be bold you have a story to be told. I would graciously smile, say who me, diminished myself than file the idea away. My conditioned mind ran amuck with all the reasons no one wanted to hear or see me and guess what, they didn’t. It wasn’t about me at all it was about the message from within but I couldn’t receive it.

This was the reality that I was creating. That I was last, I had no creditable thing to give and that I had nothing anyone wanted to hear. Nothing materialistic or other wise to share but who I am. But who I am is enough because I am perfectly created by God/Source Energy/the Universe. This was what I needed to know, the question I had to answer before anything could begin to grow or manifest around my purpose.

So image finally waking up to this knowledge. Image growing in the understanding that through me the universe is becoming conscious and that I am here not to be a victim of circumstances but be the emanation of Source/God. Wow that was a lot to try to digest as my whole life was based on the primus that there was a gap between Source and myself. That God/Creator was somewhere out there. God wasn’t a part of me and not obtainable without suffering, lack and feeling completely unworthy. That money was the source of evil, that suffering was good and that I need to never honor myself as that would be considered arrogant or hearty. Wow!!

Than the door opened and a light walked into my life with a message that there is more to who you are. M shared a message that I had worth. This began some years ago and now I can say that through all the ebbs and flows, ups and downs that everyday is the greatest day ever. Everyday is an opportunity for I Am to grow, see the beauty and abundance all around me, be a giver, share love, be the evidence of abundance and walk in joy. As one of the great teachers of this time, Michael Beckwith said, joy is the living evidence of God/Spirit. That joy is the active quality of my beingness and awareness, REGARDLESS!

Joy is a way of living which creates fulfillment of life...

Until next time…

Peacefully and gracefully unfolding,